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General Dentistry Services in Saint John

Dental Cleaning

At Bayside Dental Clinic, we believe that every dental cleaning session is essential to maintaining optimal dental health. We approach dental cleaning with our patient’s comfort in mind. Every session includes plaque and tartar removal and teeth polishing followed by an examination.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium fixtures that take the place of a tooth’s natural root. Using local anesthesia, they are positioned into the bone. Permanent teeth can be built upon these implants. These teeth are custom designed and shaded to esthetically suit each patient's smile.

Digital X-ray

Using a specialized digital sensor, this type of ecofriendly technology (that also uses less radiation than traditional X-ray technology) captures images of your teeth and sends them directly to a computer screen. The image is seen in a matter of seconds.


X-rays (or dental radiographs) allow your dentist to detect abnormalities and oral diseases that are not visible during an examination. It is a crucial diagnostic tool designed to find cavities and detect bone loss, abnormal growths, oral cancer and imperfections.

Oral Cancer

Bayside Dental Clinic’s dentists can detect subtle changes in your mouth that may indicate oral cancer symptoms. The fast, easy and painless examination is performed during a routine dental exam.

Oral Examination

During an oral examination, we evaluate the following:

  • Aesthetic evaluation of your teeth, such as spacing of your teeth and state of your bite
  • Evaluation of any past dental restorations, including root canals, dental crowns, and detection of any new decays
  • Examination of X-rays
  • Exploring your gums (periodontal) for diseases
  • Functionality of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Growth and development of emerging teeth in children
  • Medical and dental history review 
  • Oral cancer screening and detection of any other abnormal looking areas
  • Tooth examination

Periodontal Examination

Periodontal (or gum) treatment is required when the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth are affected. Gingivitis is usually the first sign of gum disease. Left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis (the leading reason for tooth loss in adults). Signs of periodontitis are bleeding gums and bad breath. In its early stages, we can treat gum disease by curettage, a deep cleaning below the gum line that numbs up the concerned teeth. Surgery may be required.

We welcome all members of the family at any age!


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